Our goal is to make health and fitness more accessible!

Community Health Event

Sunday, November 6, 2022
Radisson Blu, Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

Special Olympics Minnesota is hosting a health fair that will provide free health screenings, education and resources to the intellectual and developmental disability communities. Special Olympics Minnesota teams, group home providers, transition programs, organizations for adults with disabilities and similar programs will be invited to take part in this event.

Free health screenings in multiple disciplines will be led by clinical directors with the assistance of medical school students, providing hands-on training to better serve our athletes. In addition, health, wellness and fitness organizations will have the opportunity to provide resources to attendees. The event will be open to the community and all are welcome to attend.

Despite severe need and higher health risks, people with intellectual disabilities (ID) are often denied health services and die on average 16 years sooner than the general population.

On a global scale, Special Olympics Health, made possible by the Golisano Foundation, and in the United States in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is creating a world where people with intellectual disabilities have every opportunity to be healthy.

Inclusive health means people with ID are able to take full advantage of the same health programs and services available to people who do not have ID. Currently, people with ID face significant challenges in accessing quality health care and obtaining opportunities that promote fitness and wellness, resulting in pronounced health disparities and reduced life expectancy. Special Olympics’ health programming focuses on improving the physical and social-emotional well-being of people with ID by increasing inclusion in health care, wellness and health systems for Special Olympics athletes and others with ID.

Here in Minnesota, we are committed to improving the health of individuals with ID through promoting fitness and providing free health screenings.


Partner with Special Olympics Minnesota to promote inclusive fitness.

Healthy Athletes

Special Olympics Minnesota offers free health screenings and education for our athletes.

In the News

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Yoga for All
June 3, 2022 – Bella said that many other yoga studios struggle with teaching her because of her disability. “Guided By Humanity knows how to teach me and my other friends, but I wish that other studios and teaching places could teach everyone because we’re equal like everybody else,” Bella explained.

The Mental Health of People with Disabilities
November 30, 2020 – Adults with disabilities report experiencing frequent mental distress almost 5 times as often as adults without disabilities. Call your doctor if your mental health gets in the way of your daily activities for at least 14 days in a month.