LETR brochure
LETR deposit form
What is LETR?
What is LETR? (PowerPoint)

Special Olympics information
Special Olympics Minnesota fact sheet
Special Olympics language guide

Fundraising information
Special events and fundraising overview
Fundraising 101
Tip-A-Cop logistics
Cop on Top logistics
Golf tournament logistics

Department involvement
5 ways to get your LETR department involved
Getting your LETR department involved

Certificates & waivers
Truck Convoy certificate
Tip-A-Cop certificate
Polar Plunge certificate – updated March 2019
2019 Final Leg registration form and waiver
Risk management and emergency procedures

2019 LETR merchandise
Order form


Emotional wellness
Stress Management
Bullying and Cyberbullying
Effects of Stress on Personality
Healthy Relationships

Nutritional wellness
Alcohol – Effects and Moderation
Caffeine Effects
Dealing with Illness
Emotional Eating
How to Eat Healthy on Vacation
Hunger vs. Appetite
Preparing Meals for the Week
Navigating the Grocery Store
Portion Control
General Healthy Eating
Good Calories vs Empty Calories
Healthy Beverage Choices

Physical wellness
Alternative Fitness Options 
Importance of Sleep
Importance of Varying Workouts
Adding Resistance Training to Your Routine
Physical Wellness Simplified

Social wellness
Active Listening
Personality Types
Appropriate Internet and Social Media Perception
Healthy Active Lifestyle
Healthy Social Skills
Internet Safety
Mindfulness – Being Present
Relationships in Our Lives