Special Olympics Minnesota athlete and Health Messenger, Kayte Barton, recently had the opportunity sit down with Dr. Stan Shanedling and Clarence Jones on their weekly podcast, Health Chatter. Health Chatter is a podcast for people young, old and professional and from various backgrounds. It is intended to bring to light through open conversation the health concerns and questions we all face.

Kayte was invited on the podcast to share her perspective as someone living with an intellectual disability and to educate others about the importance of inclusive healthcare. 

As a Health Messenger for Special Olympics Minnesota, Kayte helps athletes live healthier lives and educates others on the importance of inclusive healthcare for folks with intellectual disabilities. Kayte also works with Institute for Exceptional Care’s Individuals with the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Project Committee, where she works to create better health outcomes for people with disabilities in partnership with payers, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Listen to Kayte’s episode on Apple Podcasts.

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