Law Enforcement Torch Run

The Law Enforcement Torch Run® (LETR) is the largest grassroots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle for Special Olympics in the world. The Minnesota LETR is supported by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police.

This international program continues to raise nearly $35 million annually to support Special Olympics programs. More than 85,000 law enforcement personnel from thousands of agencies around the world have carried the “Flame of Hope.”

In Minnesota, the Law Enforcement Torch Run involves more than 750 law enforcement personnel from 75 agencies throughout the state. Their tremendous efforts raise more than $4 million for Special Olympics Minnesota every year.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run holds many events for Special Olympics Minnesota throughout the year. During the Final Leg, law enforcement officers and SOMN athletes carry the “Flame of Hope” through their towns to Summer Games. LETR members also volunteer at Area, Regional and State competitions and participate in many fundraisers.

Law enforcement officers and their public safety counterparts have raised considerable funds for Special Olympics Minnesota over the years. More importantly, they continue to raise awareness and acceptance of persons with intellectual disabilities across Minnesota.

– Jim Nystrom, former LETR Director


Kean Corkery
Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Partnerships
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Molly Egan
Torch Run Coordinator
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Catherine Jensen
Torch Run Coordinator
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