Kayte Barton has a long history as a health messenger with Special Olympics Minnesota. She helps athletes lead healthier lives and has a passion for educating people and organizations about the importance of inclusive healthcare.

She enjoys volunteering in her local community and advocating for health-related legislature that works to decrease health disparities for people with disabilities.

In addition to the work she is already doing in her community, Kayte was recently invited to be a part of a HealthPartners Community Advisory community.

“This council has been designed to help bridge the gaps in healthcare and research,” says Kayte. “I am a voice for people with intellectual disabilities, and I am changing their perspective!”

The Community Advisory Council works with HealthPartners to:

  • Understand the needs of the communities HealthPartners serves and provide input on ongoing and proposed activities to address those needs
  • Help HealthPartners plan, identity and asses research and evaluation activities
  • Inform and respond to approaches to conduct research

Special Olympics Minnesota is so proud of the work that Kayte is doing to make Minnesota’s healthcare systems more inclusive for people with intellectual disabilities. She is changing the game for so many!