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Forms and Resources

End-of-year report form
Commitment to Inclusion form
Student Leadership Summit RSVP
Program kit order form
You’ve graduated…now what?
Student Board of Directors application
Cool School Plunge
Unified Schools Resource Guide
Unified Dance Marathon
Person First campaign
Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign
Unified PE resources

Three Pillars of Unified Champion Schools

The three components of Unified Schools are Inclusive Youth Leadership, Unified Sports, and Whole School Engagement. All three areas are crucial to shift the culture of a school towards inclusion and once the three components are active, a school is considered a Unified Champion School.

Inclusive Student Leadership

Inclusive Youth Leadership is an all-embracing leadership club for every student. Students gather together to create social opportunities and lead their school in the advancement of inclusion.

Unified Sports

Unified sports combines students with and without intellectual disabilities on teams and encourages them to participate in inclusive sports training and competition.

Whole School Engagement

Whole School Engagement includes bullying prevention and inclusive promotion initiatives that reach entire school populations through engaging, inspiring, and optimistic events.

Solutions to Common Roadblocks

Special Olympics Minnesota has a School Sustainability Plan that by year three of involvement with the Unified Schools Program each school will be able to run independently and successfully on their own through a unique fundraising strategy. Check out fundraising events like The Plunge and UDM.

Approach teachers and administration with a specific plan to implement Unified Schools initiatives. Consider inviting SOMN staff to present to them. Please be prepared to show why the Unified Schools Program is important for your school culture. Unified Schools can be implemented into any school setting.

To ensure students are serious and ready to make the commitment to Unified Schools, you may consider using an application and interview process. Special Olympics Minnesota has marketing resources available upon request for use in your school.

Ask friends at school who can’t make the time commitment, but want to be involved. Ask for parental support and work with other service groups including National Honor Society, Student Council, Best Buddies, etc., or partner with other community organizations.


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