Level 1 Training Information

All coaches and Unified partners who work with athletes need to be Level 1 certified.

Level 1 certified coaches can coach any sport within SOMN, and Unified partners can participate in any sport with Unified options.

The Level 1 certification and passed background checks are valid for 3 years.

Before beginning your training, please note the different processes between the two trainings available below.

NOTE: If you only need an updated Background Check, you do not need to fill out the entire Level 1 training. Please just email [email protected] and request a background check link!

Level 1 Training (for ages 18+)

Step 1: Complete the training above.

This training is designed for coaches or Unified partners who are 18 or older who need to complete or renew their Level 1 certification.

Step 2: Complete background check.

After completion of the Level 1, you will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers ([email protected]) to complete your background check. You may not receive an email if your background check is current and not expired yet.

Current coaches who have questions regarding their background check can contact their head of delegation or email [email protected].

Level 1 Training (for ages 8-17)

Step 1: Complete the training above.

This training is designed for Unified partners who are under the age of 18 who need to complete or renew their Level 1 certification.

Individuals that complete this training are ONLY eligible to be registered as Unified partners at competitions. Individuals that are 16-17 years old that want to be registered as a coach must complete the traditional (18+) training.

There is no background check required by SOMN until the age of 18.

Level 2 Training Information

Level 2 online trainings focus on a sport’s rules, events and resources for practices and skill development. They also provide training in the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes course that prepares Special Olympics coaches to use their sport-specific knowledge in coaching athletes with intellectual disabilities. For veteran coaches, the course serves as a reminder of the essentials.

Level 2 online trainings count towards first-time certification or recertification in that sport. Certification is valid for three years.

Alpine skiing & snowboarding – updated 2024
Basketball – updated 2024
Bocce – updated 2024
Bowling – updated 2024
Equestrian – updated 2024

Flag football – updated 2024
Golf – updated 2024
Gymnastics – updated 2024
Poly hockey – updated 2024
Powerlifting – updated 2024

Snowshoeing – updated 2024
Softball – updated 2024
Swimming – updated 2024
Tennis – updated 2024
Track & field – updated 2024

Coach items
Each coach who becomes Level 2 certified or recertified in a sport is able to order one coach item per calendar year. Please note: If you haven’t completed a Level 2 training or recertification course this year, or if you’ve already received an item for the year, you will not be shipped an item. Level 1 certifications don’t qualify you to receive a coach item.