In Powerlifting, every athlete aims at lifting more weights than the opponent using specific moves. The sport emphasizes effort, persistence, and loyalty. Training, determination, and attitude are the key facts that define the balance between a successful or a failed attempt.

Participants will be divisioned by Special Olympics Minnesota based on ability level and age to give them a competitive experience.


Bench Press
Combination I (Bench Press and Deadlift)
Combination II (Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat)

Competition Season

Powerlifting competitions are in March.

Become a Coach!

All coaches who work with athletes need to be Level 1 certified. Level 1 certified coaches can coach any sport.


State Powerlifting

Stillwater High School 5701 Stillwater Blvd N, Oak Park Heights, MN, United States

Healthy Hearing and Health Promotion screenings will be held on Saturday, March 9. Go through both screenings to receive an incentive item!