The Inclusive Poster Series was created with a lot of love and passion by Special Olympics Minnesota and two Minnesota-based artists.

The goal of these posters is to spread the Unified movement in fun and creative ways within (and on!) school walls. Led by its Student Board of Directors, Special Olympics Minnesota conceptualize the themes of each poster series and then collaborated with local artists to make them come to life. The organization hopes to expand the series in the future to highlight more advocates in the disability movement and spread the message of kindness and inclusion.

Primary Poster Series

Created for elementary classrooms and beyond, this series features themes of inclusion, kindness and positivity. Artist Nic Hahn focused on diverse representation so students can see themselves in the images.

Meet the Artist

Nic Hahn has been a Visual Arts teacher for 20+ years, having taught preschool through adult learners and every level in between. She received her undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and her Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota – St. Mary’s.  She has a passion for continuing education and has taken courses highlighting educational theory and the Visual Arts since. Nic was awarded the Minnesota Art Educator of the Year 2018 Award. Nic currently teaches at Hassan Elementary at K-5 school in Rogers, Minnesota. Hahn connects with other educators on her blog,, on Twitter (@MiniMatisse), Instagram (@MiniMatisseArt), and her Teacher Pay Teacher Store. She is also the host of The Everyday Art Room Podcast for The Art of Education University. Nic is passionate about creating space in her classroom that welcomes all and is excited to have the opportunity to help other schools and classrooms do the same thing through this poster series.

Secondary Poster Series

These posters feature advocates and leaders in the disability community and touch on the incredible contributions they have made to disability rights throughout U.S. History. The dynamic and beautiful portraits were created by Minnesota artist (and high school student) Tess Nelson.

Meet the Artist

Tess Nelson is a self-taught, seventeen-year-old artist from Minnesota whose work primarily focuses on narrative storytelling through digital illustration and film mediums. Throughout her Thlife, she has always been fascinated by the story of the everyday person and strives to encapsulate the wonder of seemingly mundane life in her work. She is constantly inspired by the stories around her, whether they be in history, films, books, or just the people she meets. Through her portrait work, Tess aims to bring her subjects to life through the usage of color and expression. You can find her work on Instagram at Tess. Nelson.Arts

In order to promote advocacy and kindness in schools all across the country, SONA UCS is making these posters available to utilize in your schools at no cost to you!

U.S. Special Olympics Programs receive resources to implement the Unified Champion Schools program through generous funding from the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education.