Flag Football

Flag football is offered as a Unified Sport, which means individuals with and without disabilities play on the same team.

Individual skills offered at Area competitions

Athletes may register to participate in flag football Individual Skills at area competitions. Athletes who participate in Individual Skills are not allowed to also play 5-vs-5 Unified flag football at the same tournament. Athletes who compete in Individual Skills must participate in Individual Skills at practice, and the coach must record their score on the online registration form.

Individual Skills is an event designed for athletes who use wheelchairs, need assistance on the field or are not interested in playing 5-vs-5 football.


Unified Team
Individual Skills (area only)
Unified Skills (area only)

Individual Skills
Run and Catch
Throwing for Accuracy
Throwing for Distance
Agility and Speed

When & where offered

Flag football season runs August through October and finishes at our State Unified Flag Football state tournament. Areas 2-13 offer flag football.