Every four years, Special Olympics Inc. conducts a World Summer Games that includes athletes from many international programs. The 2023 Special Olympics World Games will be held in Berlin, Germany. This event will showcase athletes competing in 24 sports from June 16-25, 2023 (plus a host town program in advance of the Games). Competitions will be offered in both traditional and Unified play.

World Games will highlight competition, special events including Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athlete events and educational programs throughout the week. It will be an experience of a lifetime for all athletes, families and volunteers in attendance.

Special Olympics Minnesota received quota spots ONLY in artistic gymnastics and swimming. The selection process is getting underway and will need to be completed quickly.

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Monicatti, Director of Program at [email protected].

Some details to consider before applying

Athlete must be:

  • Eligible to apply (see lists below).
  • Able to attend 2023 World Summer Games in Berlin, Germany between June 11-25, 2023 (dates tentative).
  • Able to attend 2023 Team Training Camp in San Antonio, TX, between Nov. 18-21, 2022.
  • Vaccinated against COVID-19.

Artistic Gymnastics

Quota: One female level 2 athlete

Eligibility criteria: Athlete participated in level 2 all-around gymnastics competition at the SOMN State Summer Games in 2022 and received first, second or third place in 2017 Fall Games – Bocce Singles.  (All first-, second- and third-place athletes are listed on the eligibility list below. First-place winners will be given priority, but second- and third-place winners may apply as well.) Additional criteria will also be considered for selection.

Submission deadline for initial athlete application: August 20, 2022. Form should be submitted online.

Gymnastics eligibility list

Ellen MaGuire13.FWG.Flyaways Gold
Sarah Kramer13.FWG.Flyaways Gold
Carlie Kothe13.FWG.Flyaways Gold
McKenna Wohlers13.FWG.Flyaways Gold
Gretchen Lubotina11.MHG. Mini Hops
Destiny Willert11.MHG. Mini Hops
Angelina Ruiz11.MHG. Mini Hops
Lucy Haugland11.MHG. Mini Hops
Tiffany Carey11.MHG. Mini Hops
Megan Blackmore12.PAWS.Tigers Paws


Quota: One male athlete

Eligibility criteria: TBD

Submission deadline for athlete information packet: TBD

Swimming eligibility list: TBD

Kelly Monicatti
Director of Program
k[email protected]