Regional Competitions

We’re excited to continue to offer Regional Competitions in 2022! Regional Competitions are bigger than Area competitions but closer to home than state-wide competitions. As teams slowly make their way back to play after the pandemic, we plan to build back these larger competitions by observing interest levels and researching past participation rates. We are currently planning to host 40 regional events for various sports in 2022 and will make adjustments as needed based on interest.

Compared to Invitationals, Regional Competitions offer broader, more targeted competition between a wider number of teams while still staying close to where you live. They may include special activities like Healthy Athletes programming, merchandise sales, and other special events or entertainment.

Keep your eye on your inbox and the website for upcoming Regional Competitions opportunities!

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Regional Competitions allow athletes an additional opportunity to compete in their sport and are open to all delegations across Minnesota, although priority will be given to areas invited. Regional Competitions are a qualifier for state and require 6-8 weeks of training/practice.