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Volunteer at Area 7 Swimming

Tentative general schedule

9 a.m. – Delegation check in
9:30 a.m. – Opening Ceremonies
9:45 a.m. – Competition begins
Awards will be compiled and can be picked up at the end of the day or mailed to the Head of Delegation.

Sport-specific guidelines

Key items to remember when registering:

1. When registering a relay team, set up a team (Elk River Blue, Monticello A, etc.) first (at the bottom of the registration page) and then enter the athletes and put them on the teams, otherwise it gets more complicated. Do not enter a score when setting up the team. Scores should be entered for each individual, and we will obtain a team score from the individual scores.

2. Athletes who need assistants in the pool should be registered for “assisted races.” The delegation is responsible for having those assistants there to be in the pool.

3. All races are considered unassisted unless titled “assisted race.”

4. If you need help in deciding which type of race is appropriate for a particular athlete/scenario, please feel free to ask prior to the registration deadline.

5. Athletes registered in flotation races must wear a Coast Guard-approved flotation device to participate.


Walk (Area event only)
15 Meter Assisted Swim
15 Meter Unassisted Swim
15 Meter Flotation
25 Meter Assisted Swim
100 Meter Breaststroke
50 Meter Backstroke
200 Meter Freestyle
50 Meter Assisted Swim
50 Meter Flotation
50 Meter Freestyle
50 Meter Butterfly
100 Meter Butterfly
200 Meter Backstroke
25 Meter Freestyle
400 Meter Freestyle
25 Meter Flotation
25 Meter Butterfly
25 Meter Breaststroke
100 Meter Backstroke
100 Meter Individual Medley
50 Meter Breaststroke
100 Meter Freestyle
25 Meter Backstroke
4×25 Meter Freestyle Relay
4 x 25 Meter Unified Relay
50 Meter Assisted Swim – Being considered for addition in 2019