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June 9-11, 2017 | Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

Athlete Leadership Program is now being offered through a University style weekend. During this weekend, athletes will be able to select a specific leadership course related to an area of interest. Athletes will learn, develop skills, and apply their knowledge in their teams and communities to benefit everyone. General sessions, guest speakers, incentive items, all meals, and elective courses will be included as well.

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Please select ONE Main Course and ONE Elective Course.

Main Courses — select one

Beginning Global Messenger
This class is full! If you register for Beginning Global Messenger, you'll be put on the waiting list, and we'll notify you if a spot opens up.
This course will provide athletes and Unified Partners with the knowledge and tools to develop or enhance public speaking, presentation and writing skills. Topics include target markets, engaging your audience, and moving your audience to action. You'll end the course with the understanding that your experiences and involvement in Special Olympics is unique to you and a major part of your compelling story. After completing the course, you'll be a spokesperson for Special Olympics Minnesota—and your voice will be heard!

Athletes as Coaches
This class is full! If you register for Athletes as Coaches, you'll be put on the waiting list, and we'll notify you if a spot opens up.
Athletes as Coaches provides athletes with the option to formally coach a team and allows them an opportunity to continue their involvement with Special Olympics in new and challenging ways. This course also generates a new source of reliable volunteers to help expand program offerings in sports in which the athletes are most interested. Athletes will leave as a Level 1 certified coach with Special Olympics Minnesota.

Health and Wellness Ambassador
This class is full! If you register for Health and Wellness Ambassador, you'll be put on the waiting list, and we'll notify you if a spot opens up.
This course will cover the basics of health and wellness as well as what it means to be an ambassador for Special Olympics Health Programs. Topics include the basics of nutrition, activity/exercise, relationships and social activity, as well as how to talk to people about the importance of being healthy. We'll also address the three main components of Health Programs—Healthy Athletes, SOfit, and Wellness Expo—and their impact on athlete health and performance. The class will be a combination of lecture and activities to keep everyone engaged and learning!

DIFFERbilities in Youth Leadership (open to middle and high school students under 21 years old)
I-Ambassador is an inclusive leadership program designed for students with and without disabilities. The focus of this course is becoming an advocate for a cause through understanding key attributes of an advocate, speaking confidently, conducting sound research, building successful community outreach, and developing and implementing an action plan. If you are a student passionate about inclusion, this course is for you!

Elective Courses — select one

PowerPoint 101
Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint and how you can implement this knowledge into your leadership experiences! Examples may include using PowerPoint in speeches, schoolwork or other community engagements.

Videography and Photography
Learn the basics of Videography and Photography and how you can implement this knowledge into your leadership experiences! Examples may include using these skills in speeches, personal projects or other community engagements.

Self Advocacy
Information in this session will include strategies on how to become a self advocate in many different areas of your life.

Young Athletes
Are you interested in taking your volunteering to another level? Then this course is for you! Young Athletes is a program that impacts children before they can compete in Special Olympics at the age of 8. In this course you'll learn how to volunteer for Young Athletes and then put your skills to use. Come to this elective in comfy clothes and ready to move!

Athletes as Instructors
Looking to take your leadership to the next level? Want to take what you've personally learned about ALPs and share it with others? Athletes and Unified Partners who attend this workshop can expect to learn the key elements of being dynamic instructor. Join Vice President of Area Program and Initiatives Michael Kane as he shares what makes a good ALPs instructor and how you can potentially instruct future ALPs courses!

Athletes in Fundraising
Become the leader of the pack in fundraising for your Special Olympics team! Learn how to motivate your teammates to join in fundraising events and generate the dollars you need to support your delegation. You'll hear tips and tricks on raising money using email and social media as well as think outside the box on new fundraising tools for yourself, too! This course will teach you everything you need to know about being a leader in fundraising for SOMN and your team.

Fundamentals of Fitness
Physical fitness can be a confusing and challenging subject. This course is designed to give you the tools you need to become more physically fit and understand just how fitness works! Topics include why fitness is important, different types of fitness, and how being fit and strong helps in every part of life!

LETR Partnership
The men and women of law enforcement support Special Olympics Minnesota athletes every day! Learn how you can team up with your local law enforcement and become involved with Law Enforcement Torch Run events in your area!


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