Special Olympics Minnesota partners with Boger Dental to pilot free dental care program

Earlier this year, three Special Olympics Minnesota athletes participated in a free dental care pilot with Boger Dental in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The athletes—Ron, Nell and Erik—each received an initial examination, x-rays and individual treatment plans to address future dental work needs and cleaning, all at no cost to them or their caregivers. Ron, Nell and Erik have the choice of continuing to visit Boger Dental or bring their treatment plan to a different dentist if they already have a relationship with someone or if there is a more convenient option near them.

The goal of this pilot was to partner with a local dental office to show that while visiting the dentist can be intimidating, it can also be an inclusive and empowering experience. 

“Dentistry can be stressful for patients. We know it can be personal and uncomfortable, but we always try to make it the best possible experience while getting the necessary work done,” says Dr. Boger. “Working with these great athletes has hopefully taken a potentially stressful series of appointments and turned it into both a positive for their health and for their lived experience.”

Dr. Boger is equally excited about this partnership and looks forward to being a great resource for Special Olympics Minnesota staff, athletes and families now and into the future.

“If we can develop trust with a person or group of people, then it makes it a lot easier to keep them coming back for care. If you have a system that’s inclusive and where they can get in consistently, we can spend more time on maintenance and preventative measures and can catch necessary restorative treatments early on.

“Connecting with great people and helping enhance their lives and their smile is what makes us love what we do.”

We are excited to continue to work with Boger Dental, and we plan to refer other Special Olympics Minnesota athletes and their families there for inclusive dental care. Dr. Boger and his practice will assist Special Olympics Minnesota with referring to their network when appropriate and being an expert resource for us to turn to with any dental questions and learning opportunities.

Thank you, Dr. Chad Boger and the rest of the staff at Boger Dental!