Flying through Plunge season with Delta Air Lines

It’s Plunge season! Delta Air Lines is one of the many corporate teams that have been anxiously waiting for this time of year to come. As one of the Plunge’s top fundraising teams, Delta is making a big impact on the lives of SOMN athletes, but the Plunge makes a significant impact on Delta in return.

Joining SOMN transforms entire families

There are many members of the Special Olympics Minnesota community who seem to do it all. Ray Kennedy is one of those people. He’s a coach, a key volunteer, the parent of an athlete, an enthusiastic leader in his community and so much more.

We sat down with Ray to learn more about his experiences, the impact he has made, and his hopes and dreams for the future of SOMN.

Building a healthier future

“Special Olympics Minnesota and Healthy Athletes has made a huge difference in my life. For the first time, I felt listened to and accepted for who I am. They valued my ideas instead of brushing me off or talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room and couldn’t possibly understand my own healthcare.”

Inclusion beyond the playing field

Special Olympics Minnesota aims to build a culture that accepts and welcomes every single person, regardless of ability or disability. We are working to foster a more inclusive society where people with intellectual disabilities are considered equal in sports, in the workforce, even in marriage. Bob Larson is an athlete, a leader in his community, and this summer, he got married to his best friend and fellow SOMN athlete, Laura.

Volunteers elevate our community

Once a year, we come together to honor the people who go above and beyond for Special Olympics Minnesota at the Distinguished Service Awards. Jason Ehrenberg, the 2019 Spirit Award recipient, is one of the many champions who has changed countless lives through his service and dedication.

Jason Ehrenberg, 2019 Spirit Award recipient, is one of many volunteers who has changed countless lives through his service and dedication to Special Olympics Minnesota.