The physical demands of this fast-paced sport are challenging for any athlete. At a minimum, snowboarding requires quick reflexes, good balance and strong physical fitness.

The basic principle of bocce is to roll a bocce ball closest to the target ball, which is called a pallina. Bocce provides people the opportunity to have social contact, develop physically and to gain self-confidence.

Participants will be divisioned by Special Olympics Minnesota based on ability level and age to give them a competitive experience.


Beginner: Glide Event
Novice: Downhill, Giant Slalom and Slalom
Intermediate: Downhill, Giant Slalom and Slalom
Advanced: Downhill, Giant Slalom and Slalom

Competition Season

Snowboarding competitions run in February.

Become a Coach!

Level 1 Training

All coaches who work with athletes need to be Level 1 certified. Level 1 certified coaches can coach any sport.

Coaching Resources

SOMN Snowboarding Handbook
Level 2 Training