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Level 2 certification is good for three years. Coaches have two options to recertify. The first option is to complete the Level 2 sports training online in the sport they wish to get recertified in. The second option is to complete one recertification course and a recertification quiz in each sport they wish to recertify in.  Coaches with Level 2 sport certifications in alpine skiing, snowboarding, equestrian, gymnastics, powerlifting and tennis must recertify with Option 2 for those sports.

Coaches who are level 2 certified in multiple sports can get recertified for all of their sports at the same time. To do this, coaches must complete one recertification course and take a recertification quiz for each sport.

Recertification Option 1

Complete level 2 training online

Recertification Option 2

1. Attend a Recertification Course, which could be:

2. Complete the recertification quiz.

If you choose Recertification Option 2, please email [email protected] with the name and proof of which recertification course you have completed before you take the online recertification quiz.

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