What is FUNfitness?

FUNfitness is the physical therapy discipline of Healthy Athletes that addresses the ongoing health needs of Special Olympics athletes. This program provides athletes the opportunity to be screened for flexibility of hamstring, calf, shoulder rotator and hip flexor muscles; functional strength of the abdominal and lower extremity muscles; and balance.

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Purpose & goals

The tests and measures used during FUNfitness are evidence-based and have reliable data. All tests for flexibility, functional strength, balance and aerobic capacity are designed to minimize the risk of injury in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Education is provided at the end of the screening for athletes, coaches and families to address the areas that need improvement.

Importance & impact

At FUNfitness screenings, we learned that a large percentage of Special Olympics athletes in the U.S. have the following health related concerns:

71% have flexibility problems
73% have balance problems
56% have strength problems

Clinical directors

Clinical directors are an important part of the Healthy Athletes FUNfitness team. They are responsible for working with their local Special Olympics program and other volunteer health professionals in coordinating a FUNfitness event in their region.


Jeff Prendergast
Health Programs Manager
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Jack Dobbs
Health Programs Coordinator
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