Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

SOMN is committed to improving the health and fitness of our athletes through interactive wellness programming focusing on physical, nutritional, social and emotional well-being. The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge empowers SOMN athletes, coaches, Unified partners, volunteers and families to take charge of their own health and fitness through daily wellness activities, interactive videos and education focusing around the pillars of Fit 5 and SOfit. Ready to take charge of your health? Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! The Fall Challenge dates are September 13 through October 31.

What is the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge?

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is an ongoing fitness challenge with daily activities centered on physical activity, nutrition and hydration (Fit 5) as well as components of SOfit. The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge provides reminders and tips for setting healthy patterns and routines in your daily life. Every day you will be empowered to take steps to maintain and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

How does the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge work?

Step 1: Complete the daily lifestyle challenges (fitness, nutrition, hydration, mindfulness, social activities). You can adapt or change the activities as needed, like going for a swim instead of following a workout video or eating your favorite veggies instead of fruit—they’ll still count!

Step 2: Download the participant log to keep track of your progress. Mark a point for each daily activity you complete (fitness, nutrition, hydration, social, emotional). Add up your points each week and submit your number of points every Sunday in the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Log.

Weekly giveaways!

Every week, we’re giving away one of these awesome SOfit prizes (winner gets to choose their prize)! Log your activities each week and you’ll automatically be entered to win! Weekly winners will be drawn every Sunday.

Summer Challenge Winners
Week 1, July 26-Aug 1: Kendra B from Milaca
Week 2, Aug 2-8: Nell Coonen-Korte
Week 3, Aug 9-15: Natalie R from Woodbury Blazing Stars
Week 4, Aug 16-22: Anna H from The Rave
Week 5, Aug 23-29: Henry B from Duluth Allstars
Week 6, Aug 30-Sept 5: Sara L from Worthington Warriors
Week 7, Sept 6-12: Nathan M from Rochester