Fit Feet

Fit Feet was developed through Special Olympics’ collaboration with the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

Many Special Olympics athletes suffer from foot and ankle pain or deformities that impair their performance. In addition, athletes are not always fitted with the best shoes and socks for their particular sport. During Special Olympics competitions, athletes receive foot and ankle screening for deformities and are checked for proper shoes and socks.

At each Special Olympics Healthy Athletes screening, data is gathered. All Healthy Athlete screening areas maintain the confidentiality of the data and the privacy of every athlete. The data are aggregated and assessed to assist in policy and advocacy for improved health care for all Special Olympics athletes.

Fit Feet Brochures

A series of pamphlets have been developed with Special Olympics athletes in mind — see brief descriptions below. Lighthearted illustrations are used to provide guidance on general foot care as well as on specific toenail and skin care.

General care (pdf)
A general guide on foot care, e.g., cleanliness, grooming, protection and appropriate fit of shoes

Skin care (pdf)
Provides skin care for feet by asking and answering common questions such as what to do if you have a blister or if your feet is sore

Nail care (pdf)
A guide to common questions dealing with nail care, illustrates how to maintain nails properly and gives examples of what not to do