3,500 Special Olympics athletes from across the nation are participating in the 2018 USA Games, a premier national Summer Games event showcasing the power and joy of sports. Competition will be offered in both traditional and Unified play, tapping into communities to support and play alongside our athletes.

Introducing Team Minnesota!

Artistic Gymnastics

Corinne Schattschneider – Head Coach
Jenny Anderson (Flyaways Gold)
Tasha Feigh (Mini-Hops Gymnastics)
Sarah Kramer (Flyaways Gold)
Ellen Maguire (Flyaways Gold)


Becky Bartz – Head Coach
Chad Blank – Coach
Mia Camp (St. Michael-Albertville Stallions)
Alex Grant-Abban (St. Croix Valley Lumberjacks)
Alex Mercier (West Metro Warriors)
Johanna Peterson (Granite City Rocks)
Leah Sannell (Western Wings)
Alex Steffl (Rochester Flyers)
Chris Tucker (Minneapolis Eagles)
Amy Weller (The Flames)


Nancy Schwindel – Head Coach
Mike Miesen – Coach
Joni Bahe (Tri-County Chargers)
Tanya Hagen (Highland Friendship Club)
Tony Kahle (Anoka County Cougars)
Lisa Maninga (SOMN Perham)
Charles Rea (South Region Stars)
Ryan Schattschneider (SOMN Perham)
Chloe Schlough (St. Cloud Community)
Robert Victorino (Phoenix)

Youth Leadership Experience

Annie Emanuel – Mentor
Danielle Albrecht – Athlete
Hannah Jassmann – Unified Partner


Andrew Cameron – Head Coach
Kari Tadych – Coach
Samantha Bierlein (Wild West)
Megan Bruggenmeier (Wild West)
Jackie Dose (Sibley Sonics)
Russell Greenhalge (South Region Stars)
John Harms (Tri-County Chargers)
Trent Kekedakis (The Flames)
Mark Pfeiffer (The Blues)
Valerie Winters (OMGAA Storm)


Kristin Nelson – Head Coach
Dale Nelson – Coach
Eric Anderson (Delano)
Parker Bruns (Bemidji Community)
Sienna Hackbarth (Wild West)
Sarah Haugen (South Region Stars)
Connor Holcomb (Wild West)
Shawn Kiefer (Bemidji Community)
Sara Kigin (Granite City Rocks)
Katie Worrell (The Blues)


Carter Jensen – Head Coach
Jacob Brasch (The Blues)
Erik Hitt (The Blues)
Richard Martin (Hibbing-Chisholm Rangers)
Lucas Petrich (The RAVE)

LETR Torch Runner

Pat Mans

Unified Basketball

Team: Orono Spartans
Michelle Swenson – Head Coach
Hank Seward – Assistant Coach
Hannah Striggow – Assistant Coach

Pierce Pennaz
Aaron Petrie
Kira Reymann
Jacob Stankevitz
Amelie Wall

Unified Partners
Natalie Brekken
Will Larson
Thomas Lecy
Sam Perry
Bobby Striggow

Unified Flag Football

Team: St. Michael-Albertville Stallions
Chad Libby – Head Coach
Brian Beutner – Coach
Olivia Lutz – Coach

Jeff Barthel
Andy Chatelle
Brandon Heaton
Aaron Johnson
Kyle Kauffman
Derek Vetsch

Unified Partners
Jacob Anderson
Tim Horan
Jeremy Kuhn
Aimee Libby


Kelly Monicatti | Head of Delegation
[email protected] | 763.270.7168

Katie Anderson | Assistant Head of Delegation
[email protected] | 763.270.7183

Nick Cedergren | Unified Schools Coordinator
[email protected] | 763.270.7177

Emily Dierberger | Families Coordinator
[email protected] | 763.270.7179

Ann Forstie | Communications/Marketing
[email protected] | 763.270.7162

Kelley Jensen | Fundraising/Send-Off Logistics
[email protected] | 763.270.7145

Jasmine Jones | Team Gathering/Send-Off
[email protected] | 763.270.7185

Sam Leidholt | Transportation
[email protected] | 763.270.7178

Kelly Rogers | Medical Volunteer