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Regional Games

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Regional Games are offered for basketball and softball. The games allow athletes an additional opportunity to compete in their sport and are open to all delegations across Minnesota, although priority will be given to areas invited. Regional games are not a qualifier for state.

Sport Resources

Delegations can sign up for one of the two regional tournaments in March and one of the two regional tournaments in May. If a delegation in interested in participating in both tournaments in the same month, please contact Devin Kaasa, College Partnerships & Competition Manager, at [email protected].

Athletes can compete in Unified Basketball and Full Court Basketball within the same tournament. Unfortunately athletes participating in Half Court Basketball are not able to compete in both due to scheduling conflicts.

Handbook & Rules

Basketball Handbook and Rules

Events offered:
Traditional Softball
Coach Pitch Softball
Unified Softball

Teams can compete in traditional softball OR coach pitch OR Unified softball. Athletes are not able to compete in multiple events due to scheduling conflicts.

Handbook & Rules

Softball Handbook and Rules


Regional Games Registration

Although priority will be given to the areas invited for each competition, delegations within another area of the state are welcome to attend, provided that quota is not at capacity.

Change in Transportation Reimbursements

Requests for transportation expenses to Regional Games will be managed through the LETR Scholarship fund this year. Any delegations that would like to request a transportation reimbursement will need to do so through the scholarship, and we will allocate money based more on demand and need than participation. While it’s still our hope we’ll be able to cover a significant amount of transportation requests through the scholarship fund, some delegations may need to cover a portion of these expenses in order to participate in Regional Games.

LETR Scholarship Fund Application (pdf)

Tournament app

Special Olympics Minnesota app on iTunes
Special Olympics Minnesota app on Google Play


Devin Kaasa | College Partnerships & Competition Manager
[email protected]| 763.270.7182

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