Plunge Revenue Share Application for Schools

  • The intent of this application is to create new opportunities for inclusion within schools. The form must be filled out prior to your participation in the Polar Plunge and in order to receive funds from the Plunge revenue share program. All applications must adhere to the following timeline:

    Step 1: Complete this application at least two weeks in advance of your Plunge date.

    Step 2: After submitting your application, register your Plunge team.
    • Create your team name and select "College/University" under the Group Challenge section.
    • Use your school name as the Group name and your division/club as your team name (e.g., team: U of M Cheer Team; group: University of Minnesota)
    • Plungers must be registered with a team online before the event takes place.
    Special Olympics Minnesota will review your application within five working days.

  • Plunge info

  • Must be an organization, club, team or school. No personal checks will be written.

  • Contact info