Plunge Revenue Share Application for Delegations

  • This form must be submitted prior to your participation in the Polar Plunge in order to receive shared revenue funds. All applications must adhere to the following timeline:

    Step 1: Complete this form at least 30 days before your Plunge participation.

    Step 2: After submitting your application, register your Plunge team. Your team name must match the one entered in this form.

    Step 3: Special Olympics Minnesota will review your application within 5 business days and work with your Area and/or local program to ensure shared revenue procedures are properly followed. The intent of the application is to cultivate a coordinated fundraising effort between the local, area and state programs.

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  • Use your delegation code and name (i.e., "12.WDF, Woodbury Blazing Stars"). This is also the Centralized Account where your funds will be deposited.

    If you don't know your delegation code or name, please contact your Sports Program Manager. Plungers must be registered with a team online before the event takes place. Once your team is formed online, send a link to your Sports Program Manager.

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