Plane Pull Revenue Share Application for Delegations

  • This form must be filled out prior to your participation in the Plane Pull and in order to receive funds from this shared revenue program. All approved teams will receive 50% of all online pledges raised through the Plane Pull fundraising website. All applications must be submitted to the LETR inbox for review and adhere to the following timeline:

    Step 1 - Complete this form.

    Step 2 - Register your Plane Pull team at Your team name should be your delegation code and name (i.e., 12.WDF, Woodbury Blazing Stars). If you don't know your five-digit code or delegation name, please contact your Program Manager.

    Step 3 - Send your team's fundraising page link to [email protected]

    Pullers must be registered with a team online before the event takes place.
  • Plane Pull info

  • i.e., 12.WDF, Woodbury Blazing Stars
  • where funds will be deposited, i.e., delegation name and code

  • Contact info