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Facts at a Glance

Tentative schedule

8 a.m. – Delegation check in
8:45 a.m. – Opening Ceremonies
9:15 a.m. – Individual Skills, 9-Hole Traditional, 9-Hole Unified
11 a.m. – Lunch
11 a.m. – 3-Hole Traditional, 3-Hole Unified
Awards will be presented as divisions finish.


Individual Skills
Unified 3-Hole
Unified 9-Hole

  1. Golf carts will only be allowed for those athletes that have completed a medical exemption form. Pull carts are recommended.
  2. At the State Golf Competition, in order for an athlete to participate in the 9-Hole Unified Alternate Shot or Traditional 9-Hole Competition, they must have achieved a total score of 40 in Skills at an Area or State Competition. In addition, the athlete must score 10 points or more in at least one out of the six skills.
  3. Athletes who have previously achieved a 40 at an area or state golf tournaments will not be required to participate in individual skills at their area golf competition. Athletes who have already qualified for 9-Hole participation (by scoring 40 in Skills at a past Area or State Competition), but still wish to participate in Individual Skills at the Area Competition may do so.
  4. New in 2019! At the Area 4 Competition, athletes may choose to enter Individual Skills as well as 3-Hole if they would like.
  5. At the State Competition, an athlete can register only as follows:
    • Individual Skills Competition only
    • 3-Hole Competition only
    • 9-Hole Competition only (if they have achieved a 40 in a previous Individual Skills Competition at Area or State level)