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Area 1/2 Basketball Competition

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Basketball competition events
Full court competition: 5-on-5
Half court competition: 3-on-3
Unified full court competition: 5-on-5
Individual skills and Unified skills: Dribbling, passing, shooting

Basketball is popular among Special Olympics Minnesota athletes. We offer team events as well as individual skills competitions that help athletes train and compete in basic basketball skills before advancing to team play.

In addition to traditional events, athletes can participate in Unified full court basketball events that assign Special Olympics Minnesota athletes and Unified Partners without intellectual disabilities to the same team. During Unified basketball competition, the lineup will never exceed three athletes and two partners at any time. Athletes can compete in both Unified basketball and one other basketball event.

Unified Basketball is offered at regional and state tournaments only; Area competitions do not have Unified events. The minimum age for athletes and partners in Unified basketball is 8.

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