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Cottonwood, Jackson, Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, Redwood & Rock counties

Upcoming Events

Staring in 2017, we will no longer offer Area-level bowling competitions. All delegations will bowl at State. Please visit the State Bowling Tournament page to find out when and where your delegation is bowling.

Volunteer Opportunities


Looking to get involved in your community? A great way to do so would be to fill a local Special Olympics Minnesota volunteer position. Special Olympics Minnesota provides sports training and competition opportunities to individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Working with these athletes will truly change your life! We are looking for a three-year commitment. There is no experience necessary, training is provided. All volunteers will be asked to understand and promote the mission, goals and philosophies of Special Olympics Minnesota. There are currently nine positions open in this area, some of which include:

Sports Coordinator
Provides leadership, support and management for on-going development and implementation of quality sports training, education and competition program within the local ASMT. Also oversees the Competition Chair, Education Chair, Coach & Athlete Advocates, Medical Chair, and the Volunteer Chair.

Competition Chair
Plans, organizes, conducts and evaluates sport-specific area competitions in accordance with Special Olympics Minnesota competition management guidelines and sports rules. Also oversees sport-specific competition committees.

Local Delegation Volunteers
Coaches and local delegation management volunteers are always needed to help run our program. Training is available.

Volunteer Chair
Acts as a key contact for recruiting volunteers for Area local competitions and places volunteers with local teams. Work’s closely with the Area Management Team in training new volunteers.

Coach & Athlete Advocate
Represent coaches and athletes on Area Management Team. Conduct and report results of athlete and coach opinion surveys as needed. Understand and promote Special Olympics Minnesota Coaches Certification Program. Participate and provide expertise and leadership at training schools. Identify, mentor and advocate on behalf of Global Messengers Program. Identify athletes to participate in Athlete Leadership Programs.

Education Chair
This person is the key contact for the Area’s coaches certification program with collaboration with the Area Management Team. This person will help organize facilities within the Area to hold coaches training’s given by Special Olympics Minnesota.

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Sports offered


Leah Wolkow | Program Manager – Areas 4, 5, 6 & 8 — SOMN staff
[email protected] | 763.270.7195

Cathy Morris | Area Administrative Coordinator — Volunteer

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