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Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard & Lake of the Woods counties

Upcoming Events

Staring in 2017, we will no longer offer Area-level bowling competitions. All delegations will bowl at State. Please visit the State Bowling Tournament page to find out when and where your delegation is bowling.

Volunteer Opportunities

Area Sports Management Team
Volunteer to help run competitions in your area! Management volunteers are needed to organize, set up and run events in the Bemidji area. No experience is necessary; training is available. Events include track and field, bowling, swimming and basketball. We’re also looking for volunteers to fill the Area Management Team roles of Sports Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator and Financial Coordinator.

Local Delegation Volunteers
Coaches and local delegation management volunteers are always needed to help run local teams. Training is available.

Special Olympics Minnesota Bemidji Delegation
The Bemidji Delegation is looking for volunteers to help with the program. We are always looking for new coaches and/or individuals to be part of the Local Sports Management Team. The Local Sports Management team meets once a month to discuss the planning and organization detail for the team. Current open volunteer positions for the Bemidji Special Olympics Delegation are: Public Relations Chair and Coaches.

Special Olympics Minnesota Area 2 map
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Sports Offered


Dani Druse | Program Associate – Areas 1, 2 & 3 — SOMN staff
[email protected] | 763.270.7193

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