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Special Olympics Minnesota bowler high-fiving volunteer

Bowling is one of the fastest growing Special Olympics sports. Although there are some modifications made for athletes with physical disabilities, most athletes compete under the same rules and circumstances as athletes on a professional tour.

In addition to offering traditional singles, athletes can participate in Unified Sports® doubles. Unified Sports® is a program that assigns Special Olympics athletes and partners without intellectual disabilities to the same teams for training and competition. In Unified Sports® bowling competition, a doubles team consists of one Special Olympics athlete and one Unified Partner. The State Bowling Tournament in the fall provides competition for traditional singles bowling and Unified Sports® bowling events.

Athletes are grouped in competition divisions according to ability level and age. Athletes are not separated by gender as there is no competitive advantage for either gender in the sport of bowling.

Singles bowling
Singles ramp bowling
Unified Doubles bowling
Unified Doubles ramp bowling

When is Bowling offered?

Where is Bowling offered?

Bowling is a state-level event only.

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