Our 2022 motto:

Build back together!

If there’s anything we’ve learned since 2019, it’s that we need to be flexible. The pandemic brought a lot of challenges and changes to our organization, and as a result, we’ve had to rethink the way we deliver our mission. As we’ve regrouped and recovered, we have created a new strategy for our sports and competitions and will implement these changes in 2022. Our goals for this strategy are to expand opportunities, support local programming, meet every athlete’s social and physical needs and offer more even more flexibility for our delegations.

This new strategy will come with changes to our competitions and sports calendar, but it will enable our organization to provide you and your team with a wider range of health and fitness opportunities. What happens in 2022 will be the foundation for future games and events. We’re excited to build on this strategy in years to come and work directly with our teams to improve upon and grow the strategy so it works for everyone. Together, we can continue our mission to make our communities more inclusive and transform the lives of our athletes.


Flexible – Creative – Innovative

Recreational sports gives teams the opportunity to host sports and games that go beyond the organization’s 17 traditional sports.


Local – Competitive – Supported

Invitational competitions are locally-based competitions organized by teams and delegations.


Bigger – Statewide – Traditional

Regional Competitions offer broader, more targeted competition between a wider number of teams while staying close home.


We’re excited to bring state competitions back!

We’re excited to build a brand-new experience for athletes from across the state coming to play together. It may not look like state games from the past, but it’s gonna be so cool!

Special Olympics Minnesota athlete Andrea has some questions for CEO Dave Dorn about what to expect from the organization in 2022. Watch their conversation to learn more about the organization’s plans as we all build back together!

Which model is best for our delegation?

Competitive? not necessarily yes yes yes
# of teams 1 a few many statewide
Run by? delegation delegation/key volunteer(s) SOMN SOMN
Creative activities? yes yes no no
Qualifier for State Games? no no yes n/a
Requires 8-10 weeks of training/practice? no no yes yes

Champion Delegations

We want to celebrate YOU! With our Champion Delegations program, we’ll show our appreciation to the most involved teams, their athletes, coaches and Heads of Delegations. We plan on offering incentives to get new delegations started and to help existing teams to do even better.