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Unified Letter of Intent

///Unified Letter of Intent
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Please fill out this letter of intent to participate in the 2016-2017 school year and to become eligible for the Unified School resources. This form is a formal expression of your school's commitment to inclusion, acceptance and respect of all students through the implementation of the Unified Schools program.

Reporting Requirements

Unified Schools is made possible by a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Education. An important requirement for all grantees is to provide activity reports including participating numbers and descriptions of events and activities. Two reports are due: one by the last day of December and one by the last day of your school year. Those schools requesting financial support will be required to submit reporting by the above dates.

Part 1: Contact information

* Program level
please complete separate form for each school if registering as a district

* School name

* Enrollment #

* School liason

* Liason role

* Email

* Primary phone

Secondary phone

* Administrator responsible for approval

* Admin role

* School address


Part 2: Program information

Which Special Olympics Unified Schools initiatives will be implemented at your school? Please select all that apply.

Inclusive sporting opportunity
Competitive Unified sports (competes against others, higher-level sport skills, training/competition based — e.g., bowling, track & field, basketball)
Recreational Unified sports (non-competitive inclusive sporting opportunities, no prescribed training/competition required — e.g., adaptive PE, kickball, inclusive dancing)
Unified Juniors program (3rd-5th grade)
Young Athletes program (preK-2nd grade)
Unified PE

Inclusive youth leadership
Unified clubs
Attend Youth Summit
Student representative on statewide Youth Activation Committee
Youth volunteers/coaches
SOfit in schools

Whole school engagement
Spread the Word to End the Word campaign
Polar Plunge/Dance Marathon fundraiser
Pep rally or assembly
PACER National Bullying Prevention Center advocacy campaign
Group volunteer opportunities

Community connections and other
Please describe initiative below.

* Unified Champion School year plan
Please provide a brief summary of your project activities and how you'll achieve/maintain the Unified Champion School level. In other words, tell us what you're excited about and any fun things you have planned!

Part 3: Consent and waiver

Please scroll through the text in the box below and ensure that you understand the waiver points before signing.

Unified Schools is a strategy to activate youth, engage educators, and promote school communities of acceptance and inclusion where all young people are agents of change. Utilizing the sports and education initiatives of Special Olympics, Unified Schools:

  • Fosters respect and dignity for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Changes actions and attitudes among their peers without intellectual disabilities

Unified Schools is made possible through a competitive grant process, funded by a U.S. Department of Education awarded to Special Olympics. For 42 years, Special Olympics Minnesota has evolved as more than an organization focused on just delivering sports training and competition for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We have become a part of a global movement relevant to all of us, where, through inclusive programming, young people with and without intellectual disabilities engage together, using sports as the platform for community change and social impact. Our innovative approach using inclusive sports as a means toward social justice serves to benefit school communities and creates positive school climates where students are appropriately engaged in school-based programs and activities that lead to their achievement and success.

As a Unified Champion School you agree to participate in the following initiatives:

  • Create an inclusive student leadership club that provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to promote Unified Schools activities in the school and in the community
  • Provide the opportunity for at least one Unified sporting opportunity within your school
  • Identify Special Olympics Minnesota Unified Schools logo on all printed materials, t-shirts, etc.
  • Commit one teacher/faculty to as a Unified Champion School liaison—a point of contact for all Unified School activities who will advise the students in projects and events
  • Agree to allow Special Olympics Minnesota to use any and all photos of said school educators and students unless otherwise noted. (Photos will be used for related publications.)
  • Provide Special Olympics Minnesota with participant number reports along with pictures, stories, and videos related to any Unified activities

It is understood that Special Olympics Minnesota will provide:

  • A partnership to help schools provide quality sporting opportunities for students with disabilities (section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act)
  • Consultation, education, support and resource assistant for all sporting programs and activities that promote inclusion, acceptance, respect, and dignity for all students
  • Resources to support school based Unified School activities
  • Leadership training and networking for educational leaders and students
  • Guidance on SOMN and Unified School policies and procedures, training manuals, schedules, paperwork, and other initiative information

I hereby certify that I have read the above statement and agree to commit to Unified Schools Initiatives, including submitting required biannual statistics in a timely manner.

Notes or comments

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