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Area 11 Athletics Competition

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Event list

order of events subject to change based on registration

100M Wheelchair Race
100M Motorized Wheelchair Race
50M Wheelchair Race
50M Motorized Wheelchair Race
50M Wheelchair Slalom
50M Motorized Wheelchair Slalom
30M Wheelchair Slalom
30M Motorized Wheelchair Slalom
25M Motorized Wheelchair Obstacle Course
25M Wheelchair Race
25M Motorized Wheelchair Race
10M Wheelchair Race
25M Dash
25M Physical Assisted Dash
25M Walk
25M Device Assisted Walk

25M Assisted Walk
10M Device Assisted Walk
10M Physical Assisted Walk
50M Dash
50M Physical Assisted Dash
50M Walk
50M Device Assisted Walk
50M Physical Assisted Walk
100M Dash
800M Walk
800M Run
100M Walk
200M Run
200M Walk
400M Walk
400M Run
1500M Run
1500M Walk
4x100M Unified Relay
4x100M Relay
Standing Long Jump
Running Long Jump
High Jump
Tennis Ball Throw
Softball Throw
Shot Put Female – 2.72 kg/6 lb
Shot Put Male – 4 kg/8.13 lb


Athletics Handbook (PDF)
Coach ratio table (PDF)

Tentative schedule

8 a.m.: Delegation registration
8:30 a.m.: Coaches meeting
8:30 a.m.: Parade line-up
8:45 a.m.: Opening Ceremonies
9:30 a.m.: Competition begins
12 p.m.: Lunch
Awards ongoing