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Young Athletes Letter of Intent

///Young Athletes Letter of Intent
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Young Athletes is an innovative sports play program that introduces children ages two to seven years old, with and without intellectual disabilities to the world of sports. Introducing Young Athletes to children in early education creates an inclusive school where kids can be themselves and learn to play with others of all abilities.

As a Young Athletes School you agree to participate in the following initiatives:

  • Host Young Athletes in your school for students between the ages of 2-7
  • Your Young Athletes program will be Unified (students with and without intellectual disabilities participating together)
  • Participate in Respect Day with students or host the PACER Center COUNT ME IN® Puppet Show (Twin Cities locations only)
  • Commit one teacher/faculty to as a Site Coordinator (a point of contact for Special Olympics Minnesota staff)
  • Young Athletes is officially approved as an inclusive program within the school and is supported by the appropriate administration/faculty

It is understood that Special Olympics Minnesota will provide:

  • Training, equipment, and resources to Site Coordinator
  • Support to Site Coordinator throughout school year
  • Updates on new resources developed for Young Athletes
  • Leadership training and networking for Site Coordinators at annual Young Athletes Network meeting
  • Materials for Respect Day
  • Payment and set-up of PACER Center COUNT ME IN® Puppet Show

Please fill out this Young Athletes Letter of Intent to participate for the school year and to become eligible for Young Athletes training, equipment, and resources. This letter is a formal expression of your school's commitment to inclusion, acceptance and respect of all students through the implementation of Young Athletes.

Reporting Requirements

Young Athletes is made possible by generous donors, a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, and Dairy Queen. An important requirement for all grantees is to provide activity reports including participating numbers. Please share with your Special Olympics Minnesota staff the total number of participants in your school with a breakdown of those diagnosed with an intellectual disability (if known).

*There are no ratios for schools to have a certain number of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities in order to host Young Athletes.

Required information is in bold

Part 1: Contact information

School year

Grade level
please complete separate form for each school if registering as a district

* Students and teachers in secondary school through college schools can receive funding to host Young Athletes as part of a school project. Connect with Special Olympics Minnesota staff for details.

School name

School liason (Site Coordinator)

School address


Primary phone    ext.

Secondary phone    ext.

Fax number

Part 2: Registration numbers

Average age of students

Total number of traditional athletes (Special Education or on IEP)

Total number of peer partners (General Education)

Estimated number of shirts needed for students

2T 4T 5/6T 7T 10/12T 12/14

Estimated number of shirts needed for teachers/volunteers

Small Medium Large XL 2X 3X

Part 3: Agreement

I understand that I need to contact Special Olympics Minnesota whenever I need to make any changes to the information I am providing for this program.

Young Athletes is now an official program of the school identified above. The school will cover liability in the event of accident or injury.

I have agreed to be trained by Special Olympics Minnesota in order to run this Young Athletes program.

Before hosting a Young Athletes program, prior approval from the Special Olympics Minnesota state office is required.

I grant my permission (both during and any time after the program) to Special Olympics to use child's likeness, name, voice and words in television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines and other media, and in any form, for the purpose of advertising or communicating the purposes and activities of Special Olympics and/or applying for funds to support those purposes and activities.

I hereby certify that I have read the above statement and agree to commit to the Young Athletes Program for the school year identified above.

Notes or comments

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