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Dakota, Ramsey (partial) & Scott counties

Volunteer Opportunities

Area Management Volunteers
Help plan, set up and run competitions in the St. Paul area. The St. Paul area falls into Special Olympics Minnesota’s Area 12.

The Area Sports Management Team typically meets prior to competitions and plays an integral role in the day-of responsibilities at the competitions.

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Poly Hockey (Nov.- Feb.)
Alpine Skiing (Dec.- Mar.)
Snowboarding (Dec.- Mar.)
Basketball (Jan.- Mar.)
Swimming (Jan- Mar.)
Powerlifting (Nov.- Feb.)
Athletics (Apr.- June)
Gymnastics (Apr.- June)
Tennis (Apr.- June)
Volleyball (Apr.- June)
Bocce (June- Aug.)
Golf (June- Aug.)
Softball (June- Aug.)
Flag Football (Aug.- Oct.)
Bowling (Sept.- Nov.)


Sam Leidholt | Program Manager – Areas 11 & 12 — SOMN staff | 763.270.7178

Jason Ehrenberg | Area Sports Coordinator — Volunteer